Personal Finance for You & Me

I’m a financial advisor. To my friends that means I know which stock is going to make them music-video rich. Unfortunately I’m not that good (…let me know if you know which one though). But let’s say you strike gold, cool – what’s next? Or let’s say you don’t – same question. Figuring out what you want and need is hard.

Start off this way, illustrate your ideal lifestyle and be honest with yourself. When you do that, you know where to end up. You don’t need to strike gold, you just need a plan.

Alright Confucius

Fair, how do you get there? That’s the role your finances play and the importance of intentional planning – The Means to an End. Here are a few tips and tricks to help along the way.

Compliance stuffs
Just remember, I’m not your financial advisor so the information may or may not best apply to your situation and you should get formal advice prior to doing anything. The information/data that is shared should be double checked by you and any conclusion that is driven based on past data is not to be interpreted as my advice for your future. I will do my best to only write what I think is true and right, but mistakes happen and we’re all learning together – this is meant to be an informal conversation.