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Starting an Estate Plan

Contrary to what Drake says, it’s actually not a good idea to keep your money in the grave to use in your next life. When you pass, assets need to be transferred to somewhere. Quite simply, estate planning is formalizing a plan for your affairs (assets and responsibilities) and selecting specific individual(s) to execute itContinue reading “Starting an Estate Plan”

Invest and Pay Down Debt

Back in June I wrote about how to decide if you should be saving, investing, or paying (down debt). This post is to supplement that post: if you’re paying down debt, that doesn’t mean you can’t invest until you’re debt free. You can do both via the margin feature on your regular brokerage account. Note:Continue reading “Invest and Pay Down Debt”

Stretch your Base Pay

The end of the year is nearing and thoughts about compensation and bonuses are natural. Unfortunately, that conversation hasn’t always gone my way. But there other ways to increase net pay employer without directly getting a raise. As long as your employer offers a retirement account via a defined contribution or defined benefit plan  (forContinue reading “Stretch your Base Pay”

You Get More for Less

You don’t get what you pay for in the public stock market. One of the easiest ways to boost investment return is to choose low cost investments. From the compounding effect on returns, the difference is significant over time. Let’s say you wanted to invest in the US Stock Market with an ETF or mutualContinue reading “You Get More for Less”

Buy and Hold

“Buy low, sell high” doesn’t work. Yes, we all want to buy at the lowest price and sell at the highest to maximize our return. However, this kind of thinking faults the investor into market timing and trying to outsmart everyone else. It doesn’t work and that’s why most retail investors fail to beat theContinue reading “Buy and Hold”

Ride the Wave

Uncertainty is inherent when investing, and that uncertainty is loudest in the short-term. It seems like there is always something to be afraid of, or a new opportunity to get in front of. Whatever it is, many investors try and act at the perfect time to either protect their portfolio against risks, or to getContinue reading “Ride the Wave”

Just Buy Everything

Investing can be a be a powerful tool to aid your financial plan. Think of it as a disciplined savings strategy, not something to make you rich overnight- looking at you, Robinhood traders. Don’t overthink it and keep it simple for the best results. The data shows that trying to pick the best stocks doesn’tContinue reading “Just Buy Everything”

Losses Can Be Good

Sell your losers to boost net returns and reduce your capital gains tax liability Tax loss harvesting should go in coordination with rebalancing your portfolio. The idea is very simple – sell the investments you’re currently losing money on to offset your current tax liability or future tax liability. The taxes we’re talking about hereContinue reading “Losses Can Be Good”

Time to Trade

Once a quarter, tend to your portfolio and rebalance to your target allocation You’ve heard the age old advice to buy and hold your investments, remain diversified, and to dollar cost average with every paycheck to invest more. That’s all fine and dandy but even a passive portfolio requires upkeep and maintenance. Maybe you’ve decidedContinue reading “Time to Trade”

Pay Day

Income is liquid fuel to a financial plan. A Cash Flow Table helps guide the Personal Financial Statement in the right direction. The end of the month is pay day for many. This is an exciting time because you’ve earned the opportunity to either invest towards the financial plan, or realize benefits today. In reality,Continue reading “Pay Day”

Investing for Retirement

Should I invest my Roth or IRA first? Also what’s a 401(k)? These are all accounts you invest in during your working years and spend during your retirement years. The main difference between them is when taxes are paid. Traditional IRAs and 401(k)s are tax deferred accounts while Roth IRAs and 401(k)s are tax freeContinue reading “Investing for Retirement”

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